Welcome, get to know us and our crew!

This is a family adventure and business and we are glad to have you join us.  We are are family of divers and our staff is part of the family! 


Maria Vasquez

Maria is the smiling staple of BIDR and keeps the wheels turning!  She is a strong saleswoman, mother, diver, and provides amazing drinks from the bar.  Don’t think you will beat her in darts; but come on in an try a game with Maria today!

Resort Customer Service Coordinator, The smile of BIDR!
From Coxen Hole – Roatan (1988)
Languages: English, Spanish and Island Language
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Karim Cassis

Karim is a seasoned instructor and joins us from nearby island of Utila.  He is a husband and native Honduran creating passion for diving at BIDR.  After pursuing and engineering degree he decided scuba diving and teaching was his passion and provided the fulfillment he desired in life.  With over 700 dives and more than 170 certification, Karim is a seasoned instructor and excited to be diving the waters of Roatan!Instructor

Instructor / DiveGuide / Snorkeling Guide / Boat Captain
SSI AOW Instructor # 80859
Specialty Instructor; Stress and Rescue, React Right, Nitrox, Deep Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Wreck, Gas Blender
PADI  MSDT Instructor #402151

Honduras (1985) 
Languages: English, Spanish 



Daniel Giraldo

PADI Instructor and PADI bull shark adventure instructor.
NATIONALITY: Colombia Bogotá,

I started diving in Colombia more than three years ago where I became a Divemaster. After a year, I started a trip around the world, beginning in Mexico, where I became certified as a scuba instructor. I worked as an instructor in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and then went to the Philippines, where I worked as an instructor in several dive centers. I became a manager at Aquanaut Dive Center, where I gained a lot of experience as an instructor, finishing a good season in the Philippines and Asia. My next stop was Europe, where I worked as an instructor in Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. There I experienced a bit of the cold of the Atlantic for four months. From there, I visited Africa, specifically the beautiful island of Zanzibar Tanzania, where you work for a resort called East Africa diving experiencing. Africa offered beautiful dives and demanding scuba conditions in the Indian Ocean. Once the season ended, I gave myself a long-deserved vacation in Panama, where I acquired my sailboat and my international license as a boat captain. I made the most of my sailboat by navigating and exploring several dive areas in the Central Pacific, where I heard about Honduras and Roatan. I decided to get to this beautiful island to be part of the family of blue island divers. I have to experience more than 2000 dives in several parts of the world, each with different conditions, and I have certified over 90 students. Before diving, I worked in various engineering positions in Colombia and Central America



Carly White

I began my diving adventure in 2012 on my very first visit to Roatan! Doing my confined and theory in Texas, I completed my open water certification in Roatan and fell in love! Once back in Texas, my husband Eric and I continued our certifications in our local fresh water, rock quarry with 15 feet visibility and became advanced divers with many specialties. We continued on to become Divemaster’s in 2013 and embarked on a life changing commitment with our family to Roatan in January of 2015. Packing up our family we moved to the island we had fallen in love with to begin our career as dive shop owners and raising our family in an unconventional fashion. As a wife of almost 20 years, my husband Eric & I are enjoying raising our 2 boys, Garrett and Grant, outside of the box and in the most adventurous of ways. The one thing I hope they’ve learned from our adventure is that it is okay to take chances, try new places and to get out of your comfort zone, life is short and the world is a big place! Adventure Awaits! 

Living on the island for several years, I had fallen in love with not only the water but the people. Now when visiting Roatan you will most likely find me in the water, working around the dive shop, sitting on a beach soaking up the sun or out visiting locals and loving on their kids. I am an accomplished photographer on land and underwater. I enjoy cooking, I love working out and long walks and I love to travel, to see new places near or far; I am always up for a great road trip! 

On the business side of BIDR, you may communicate with me for booking your dives or stay, answering any questions you may have and it’s possible I may even lead you on a dive. I am the leader of our mission work and advertising designs at BIDR. All of this while raising our family of divers, I love being a part of our Blue Island Diver Team!



Eric White

I am Eric D. White, owner, developer, and Advanced Open Water Specialty Instructor for Blue Island Divers and The Salty Mango Bar and Grill. I am from a small town in Texas where I was raised. I was fascinated with the ocean as a child and swore to be a marine biologist one day. While I did not become a marine biologist, I did find my dream! In 1990 at Possum Kingdom Lake at the age of 16, I received my PADI Open Water certification along with my Dad. My first dive in the clear waters of the Caribbean was not until 1999 in Cozumel, MX with my Dad. I was instantly hooked; however I was soon to be married and committed to new family duties and little time for scuba (insert crying). In 2012 we discovered Roatan and my wife finished her Open Water certification while we visited for two weeks. We were instantly drawn to the island and returned to Texas and began making trips every 3 months to continue exploring the island and the waters. In July of 2015 completed my SSI Open Water Instructor. I am currently an SSI Advanced Open Water Specialty Instructor and actively offer certifications for the guests of Blue Island Divers. I absolutely love seeing a students reaction to learning to dive and continuing to develop their skills with specialty instruction. My entire life has developed my skills to form and operate Blue Island Divers. I continue to find new ways to enhance my own skills and be an integral part of the island we love. I spend time flying back and forth to the island on a continual rotation. The majority of my time is spent booking guests and answering our email inquiries to develop the trip of a lifetime. We offer SSI and PADI certifications through dual certified members of our staff. My staff is hand picked and maintains a outstanding operation with our daily interaction and direction. Some instructors are dual certified and can teach for multiple certifying agency’s. I am truly blessed by God with the professionals he delivers to me. Our boat captains and on site staff are true professionals who treat you as family (the family you like ;-).

A Bit of The Backstory

During our time traveling to and from the island my wife and I enrolled in a PADI Open Water to Divemaster course and completed 7 specialties together in the cool and less visible waters of Texas lakes. This training and continual trips boosted our interest to commit to creating a dive resort on Roatan! I truly believe lakes develop a divers skills more quickly due to the limited visibility and temperature changes. It was challenging and rewarding and a new adventure with every dive! At the same time we began evaluating all possibilities of creating a diving/snorkeling/fishing charter business catering to small groups. With the help of our entire family; we found a place to establish what is now Blue Island Divers.

After evaluating several possible sites on Roatan, we settled on the current site In November of 2014. We began operating with a single boat and a very limited dive operation. We began with a single captain and instructor to maintain the operation. We soon saw the need to move to Roatan and develop our business personally. We became involved with several mission ministry’s on the island and knew we needed to pursue our work and our mission contributions. In January 2015, we sold all of our personal possessions, checked our kids out of school with transfer papers, and moved our family to Roatan and began living our dream. Throughout the years we created more lodging, a restaurant, and acquired a 2nd boat, and developed relationships with our mission focused friends and the island community as a whole.

My wife and I now reside in our original home in Texas to see our son’s, Garrett age 17 and Grant age 15, schooling completed. They are both exceptional divers and love returning to the island. We felt it best to complete their schooling in their original high school in which they thrive. I enjoy booking our guests and working with them to create the same unforgettable trip which we experienced that glorious trip in 2012. I have many mentors and family to thank and continue pursue making our operation the absolute best hidden gem you would expect! We continue to refine the offerings and premises to what you now see and we are extremely proud to offer all of it to our guests. Developing the business and the resort from the ground up gives me great pride. We maintain a simplistic offering and “island style” feel for everyone to experience the island as it should be seen. I don’t come to Roatan to watch television, it is a majestical island the entire day and night and unlike any other we have traveled to in the Caribbean. You can still stay connected while visiting since all the comforts of home are afforded. However, it is a place to become “disconnected” with the worlds problems and find that self you have put on the shelf while living in the fast pace of work and Western society. I hope we this “short” version of our experience will entice you to visit Roatan and Blue Island Divers in the near future. You will never regret a trip taken; only those you didn’t take.