Blue Island Divers is located on the north shore of Roatan in Sandy Bay. Being on the leeward side, we are given beautiful, calm waters with amazing visibility and low current which makes for an awesome dive viewing our pristine reef! We are located east of West End and dive the sites less frequented by other dive shops, which leads to less boat noise and traffic, you have the dive site to your self and you will see a more healthy, beautiful, pristine coral reef with an abundance of sea life.

The Odyssey Wreck
This 300 feet cargo ship lays just in our front yard sitting in the sand at 110 feet. Its stern reaches up to a height of 60 feet and inclines toward its starboard side. Outside the stern are marine stairs that connect its various levels and on its handrails live a huge quantity of hydroids that has found this to be the ideal place to grow. The central part of the wreck lays flat at 100 feet. While you are exploring be sure to keep an eye out for the Green Moray Eel that may be hiding out in the numerous holes of the ship’s walls and deck. The bow is also slanted toward the starboard side.. The Odyssey was sunk in 2002 to create a base on which the reef could grow and give the diver an opportunity to explore this impressive structure from underwater, it’s home to the Encrusted Atlantic Thorny Oyster, Great Barracuda and the Blue Parrotfish just to name a few.

Bears Den
This is an impressive site with various levels and deep crevices for a diver to explore. A diver’s excitement starts from the moment they enter the water by discovering a beautiful swim thru located just below where the buoy attaches to the reef. If you drop down into the sandy crevice at 40 foot and follow it our to the reef wall, the swim thru exits at a depth of 60 feet with a shear descent below. The wall continues down to over 100 feet where it meets a sandy bottom. Following the wall to the east you will see a large coral outcropping laying at 80 feet along with magnificent examples of Leaf Coral throughout. While heading west of the buoy a diver finds more of an open layout at 50 feet with sand patches and examples of pillar coral colonies. In the shallow areas of this site there are a variety of caverns that are quite reminiscent of where a bear might actually sleep, with one cavern being our favorite.

Characteristic of channels you’ll find on Roatan where lagoon water mixes with the ocean and tides have eroded deep channels into the reef, Key Hole offers an impressive display of topography with apple wall space and overhangs to explore. The reef walls guide you into the channel that gradually descends to a depth of 100 feet with impressive walls on either side of you that reach all the way to the surface. For advanced divers there is a swim thru in channel at 90-100 feet and for everyone there is a set of 3 swim thru’s at 50 feet and 30 feet. Once through the the channel, near the buoy, the channel widens and opens to the reef where you can find a variety of soft corals as well as soft corals.

Four Sponges
This is a well rounded dive site made up of distinct levels that give a diver the opportunity too observe a variety of marine life. The buoy here lies at 45 feet. From 10 feet there is a small wall that descends subtly to a 30 foot plateau. Here you can find open areas with a bottom composition of sand and rubble. From here you can descend to 50 feet where it then drops more dramatically to 90 feet and meets hard ground. A gradual descent from here leads you down to a nearly flat sandy bottom at 120 feet. Throughout each level be on the lookout for Giant Barrel Sponge, variety of whips and plumes, Scorpion Fish, schools of Blue Tang, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sea Turtles and a sand patch where a massive concentration of Yellow Jawfish can oftentimes be seen.

Other Favorites
Wicked Pissah, Spencer’s Rose Garden, Double D, Cindy’s Surprise, Jaeger Bomi, Rockies Reef, Queen Angel, Hideaway, Front Porch, Spooky Channel, Wrasse Hole, Chaz’s Choice, Magic Bobby, Canyon Lands, El Aguila, Pillar Coral

2 Tank Dive Favorites
With a 2 tank dive we will venture further West or East with a surface interval on the boat.
Favorite 2 tank dive sits include Garden of Eden, Dolphin Den, Rockstar, Butcher’s Bank, Blue Channel, Hole in the Wall, Overheat plus others Just Ask!