Join your Diver
$25 per person
Are you with someone who loves to dive and you just are not into it but love snorkeling? Join your diver on our boat and we will go to a site where you will have beautiful snorkeling while they go on an amazing reef dive. Snorkel leader & Equipment included.

House Reef Snorkel
$35 per person
Blue Island Divers offers gear for those who want to stay closer to the sand. Get your gear and go explore!

Multi Site Snorkel Trip
$45 per person
Our snorkel tour by boat includes 2 sites and all the gear you will need…and of course, us! This tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours and it’s a great tour for everyone.

Pidgeon Cay – All Day Excursion
$150 per Person
Minimum of 7 passengers; 15 passenger maximum
This postcard-perfect, uninhabited island is a 45-minute boat ride from Roatán but feels a world away from everything. With its calm waters and birds chattering in the trees, densely green inland, it defines the meaning of beauty. Make sure you have your camera ready to snap pictures of juvenile reef fish and fantastic elkhorn coral in the sparkling waters.

Cayos Cochinos
$160 per person
Minimum of 7 passengers; 15 passenger maximum
Once dubbed as “diamonds in the rough,” Cayos Cochinos is a small archipelago off the northern coast of Honduras. Located in the northwestern Caribbean just south of Belize, they lie at approximately 15 55′ N, 86 30’W. These privately owned jewels are composed of two hilly, lush islands (Cochino Grande and Cochino Pequeño) and 11 small coral cays. Cayos Cochinos forms part of the second largest barrier reef system in the world known as the Meso-American Barrier Reef System and have been identified by the Smithsonian Institute, TNC, WWF, and World Bank as one of the key sections of the Barrier Reef to preserve. This is a must see while you are visiting the Roatan and Honduras area…and home to the beautiful pink boa.

Custom Tours – Call or Email Us for Custom Pricing
Looking for something more unique? Custom island and snorkel tours are available upon request. This is a great option for proposals, wedding parties, and couples.