1-2 Dives $50 Each
3-5 Dives $45 Each
6+ Dives $35 Each

About Our Dives

All our dives include any or all gear/equipment you will need and water & fresh fruit are always on our boat. Your gear is set up and put away daily for you, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful waters of Roatan. If you have personal gear, we have an area where you can keep your gear locked up on site every night.

Lionfish Hunts – $60

We will take you on a fun dive leading you to find the invasive species the Lionfish. You bring your spear and we will bring our fish keeper and you can keep your catch. *If you do not hold a Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License we can help set up your Roatan marine park licensing workshop. The workshop gives you information on this invasive species, and teaches you how to spear correctly without harming the reef. Cost of the workshop is $50 and includes a spear.

Night Diving – $60

Night diving in Roatan is incredible. During this dive, you will have the opportunity to see animals that normally hide during the day, like the mysterious Octopus. Experience the full beauty of the sea and go night diving with Blue Island Divers.

Adventure Diving – $65


All prices shown will be subject to a sales tax rate of 19%.